Cherjon Burmillas without fail are very rewarding and loving pets, they are beautiful to look at and touch, very affectionate, intelligent and interactive.  We put a great deal of effort into ensuring our kittens are well adjusted to family life and are fun to live with.

All our kittens go to their new home  —
Had their first vaccination
Checked by a veterinarian
Fully litter trained
and now also microchipped
All our kittens are bred from pedigree cats and registered with the NZCF

Due to the ever increasing costs we find that we have to increase the price of our kittens.
We have not increased the price of our kittens for 10 years.

As from the 1st January 2018 the new prices will  be as follows
Females  —-      $ 650
Males     ——-      $600 

You will note a difference in pricing between female and male, this is due to the higher cost of desexing females


We will not have any kittens available until early autumn if you would like to go on our waiting list please let us know