The Burmilla originated in the UK approximately 25 yrs ago through an accidental mating between a Burmese and a Chinchilla. And so began the development of the Burmilla we see today.

They are a medium sized cat with the male being slightly larger that the female. They have a coat that has a slight lift which gives a plush look and softens the muscular outline of the body. One of the special features of the Burmilla is the shape and green colour of the eyes, with the matching eye and nose liner setting the eyes off to perfection.

The Burmilla has a wonderful temperament with the mischievous traits of the Burmese and the easy going laid back makeup of the Chinchilla which gives the Burmilla a really unique personality. They love to play with toys or anything they can get hold of but can suddenly stop and then be quite happy to come and cuddle up on your lap.

Overall the Burmilla is a cat which is extremely affectionate, friendly, gentle, highly intelligent and is easy going and laid back which goes to make them a really loving companion or family pet.