Welcome to Cherjon Burmillas

We are John and Cheryl Stringfellow, our cattery is in Taupo situated on the northern shore of beautiful Lake Taupo in the centre of the North Island of New Zealand.


As we had both been involved with animals in the past, John with Sheepdog Trialing and Cheryl with breeding and showing German Shepherds meant that we needed a new hobby when we moved into Taupo to live.

When we first saw the Burmillas on TV on “Harry’s Practice” we loved what we saw and decided that we would like to become involved in the positive development of the breed here in New Zealand.

Our breeding goal is to breed cats with excellent health, beautiful expression, good confirmation and most of all a truly loving temperament. We registered with the New Zealand Cat Fancy and purchased our first Burmilla in 2005 and have been breeding Burmillas exclusively for the past 11 years.

It soon became evident that the gene pool was very small and that if the Burmilla was going to continue to develope here in NZ new blood lines would need to be introduced. We are very thankful that the Miamber Cattery in Melbourne entrusted us with firstly Miamber Silver Zeus who gave the type and expression that we were looking for. Then later  Miamber Silver Zena who helped with eye colour. Followed by Miamber Silver Tarj who gave us good ear size and set,  also very good confirmation.  And latterly Miamber Silver Paris who has given us our lovely young stud Cherjon Fernando. As Miamber had introduced cats from Europe into their breeding program we have a number of different bloodlines introduced into our breeding program.  This has helped us produce the type of cat that we breed and show today.

From the very beginning we believed that we needed to show our cats so that the public could see what a beautiful breed the Burmilla is. We hope you enjoy your experience viewing our Burmillas.

Lake Taupo

Lake Taupo